Chemical Solutions for
Paints, Dyestuffs & Adhesives Industries

We, at Alchemy Substances offer a wide range of chemicals used in paints, dyestuff, coatings and adhesives industries.
These industries are raw material intensive. It involves the mixing of various raw materials in various proportions. The raw materials are divided into three major groups, namely, pigments (titanium dioxide, zinc oxide etc.), solvents (mineral turpentine) and resins & additives.
Pigments are finely ground solids of different shades to give colour, durability, consistency and other properties to paint. It is also one of the major raw materials, accounting for one-third of the total raw materials cost.
Solvents are volatile organic compounds (VOC) used to dissolve, suspend or change the physical properties of other materials. They are generally used to bring down the viscosity of paints to the desired level, which also reduces the cost of paint formation.
Binders are generally oils, resins and plasticisers that give paints its protective property such as alkyds, polyesters, emulsion polymers, epoxy resins, amino resins, powder coating resins etc.
Additives are added in small proportion to the paint to improve its performance characteristics in various ways. Skinning inhibitors, fungicides, wetting agents, driers are included in this category. 
We at Alchemy offer our clients a wide spectrum of chemicals and emulsifiers for the said industries. The chemicals sourced by us are manufactured using quality raw material ensuring effectiveness and reliability. The timely delivery and reasonable pricing of these chemicals are the factor which makes us stand ahead from our competitors. Our range of paint chemicals are offered in various packaging as required by our clients. Developed in hygienic conditions, these chemicals are offered at competitive rates.

The main range of paint chemicals offered by us includes:
1) Antifoams
2) Emulsifiers
3) Dispersing Agents
4) Anti Settling Agents
Product Range
- Anti Skinning / Anti Settling Agents 
- Antifoaming Agent / Defoamers
- Binders
- Cement Modifiers
- Dispersing Agents 
- Emulsions (acrylic, PVA, styrene, wax) 
- Epoxy Resins
- Hardeners 
- Lime Wash Adhesives
- Mar Resistant Additives
- Paint Driers
- Pigments (organic, inorganic) 
- Pigment Grinding Aids
- Solvents 
- Stabilizers in water based paints
- Thickeners
- Wetting Agents
Paints Chemicals
- Acid Fluoride
- Aluminium Sulphate
- Bleaching Powder
- Diammonium Phosphate
- Fluoride
- Fluorosilicate
- Litharge
- Mono Ammonium Phosphate
- Phosphate
- Poly Aluminium Chloride
- Tetrafluoborate
- Titanium Dioxide
- Trisodium Phosphate
- Zinc Oxide
Dyes & Pigment
- Ammonium Hydrogen Carbonate
- Bleaching Powder
- Calcium Fluoride
- Copper Carbonate
- Potassium Cryolite
- Potassium Penta Borate
- Sodium Aluminium Fluoride
- Sodium Chloride
- Sodium Hydroxide
- Sodium Nitrate
- Sodium Silico Fluoride
- Zinc Oxide
Powder Coating / Plasticizers
- Acetate
- Acid Fluoride
- Bifluoride
- Bleaching Powder
- Borofluoride
- Bromide
- Carbonate
- Chloride
- Citrate
- Cryolite
- Dichromate
- Difluoride
- Fluoborate
- Fluoride
- Fluoroborate
- Fumarate
- Hydrogen Fluoride
- Iodide
- Nitrate
- Phosphate
- Silicate
- Slilco Fluoride
- Sulphate
- Tetrafluoroborate
Other Related Chemicals
- Acetone
- Alkyd Resins 
- Aluminium Paste 
- Butyl Acetate 
- Butyl cellosolve
- Castor Oil 
- Chalk Powder 
- China Clay 
- Chlorinated Rubbers 
- Cyclo haxanone
- Ethyl acetate
- Ethyl cellosolve
- Gum Rosin, WW Grade 
- Iron Oxide ( Red/ Black) 
- Isopropanol
- Kaolin Clay 
- Linseed Stand Oil 
- Lithopone 28-30% Min. 
- Methyl ethyl ketone
- Methyl iso butyl keton
- Mostanol
- M-xylene
- N-butanol
- NC thinner 
- Pentaerythritol 98% 
- Petroleum Resin 
- Phthalic Anhydride (PAN)
- Sodium Hypo Sulphite 99% 
- Toluene