Chemical Solutions for
Sugar Industry & Distilleries

We, at Alchemy Substances are engaged in supply of sugar process and purification chemicals providing a complete line of process chemicals for the direct production of crystal and refined sugar for the manufacturers.
We provide our clients with an all encompassing assortment of process chemicals that find application in the sugar industry. These chemicals are precisely formulated that makes them in tune with the current industry developments.
Our products are procured from leading manufacturers who use superior raw materials and latest technology. These products are very much competent and handy for the sugar mill factories.
We serve as a single stop resource for all sugar process chemicals thereby helping customers stay ahead of competition by raising quality levels of sugar, lowering supply cost, increasing high volumes of productivity and improving overall efficiency in the sugar mill.
Our special sugar mill biocides are effective in eliminating bacterial growth and assuring proper mill sanitation, while a our specifically designed polymers optimize the juice and syrup clarification processes.
Our scale inhibitor is one of the best with very low dosage having sequestration value of 300 mg on CACO3 & inhibition value more than 4000 ppm of calcium in solution.  Our high performing colour precipitant enables mills to produce VLC (Very Low Colour) sugar.
Our primary range of sugar chemicals consists of :
- Decolorising chemicals for white sugar 
- Flocculants for sugarcane juice clarification 
- Antiscalants for evaporators 
- Defoamers/ Antifoams for process applications & distilleries
Product Range
Microbiocides / Preservatives / Mill Sanitation Chemicals
Colour  Precipitants / Decolouriser / Bleaching Aid
Sugar Refining Compounds
Viscosity Reducer & Booster / Crystallising Aid
Anti-Scalant / Scale Inhibitor
Polymeric Flocculants / Settling Agents
Flotation Flocculants 
Antifomaing & Defoaming Agents
Enzymes for Starch & Dextran
Scale Softener / Scale Dissolver / Caustic Accelerator
Micro-seed Slurry
Bagasse Pol / Mud Pol Reducer
Descalants for Evaporators
pH Booster for Spray Pond Water
Acid Corrosion Inhibitor
Sugar Boiler Chemicals
pH Booster for Cooling Water
Algicide for Cooling Water
Membrane Chemicals