Chemical Solutions for
Metal Treatment

We, at Alchemy Substances supply chemicals for metal finishing, electroplating, chemical plating, polishing, etching, phosphating, paint stripping, cleaning, chemical blacking and aluminium processes.
We offer various Metal Finishing Chemicals including Electroplating Chemicals, Polishing Materials, Heaters, Ferrous and Non-Ferrous Metals, Pre-Treatment Chemicals, Castic, Boric, and Buffing Compounds.
Our products are known for their quality, purity, durability, and non-corrosion factors. These products are used in huge demand for various application purposes in many industrial sectors. In order to make successful provisions of quality products, it is very important for us to make sure that all our products are sourced from the most reputed brands in the market.
With the advent of new technologies, the demand for specialty chemicals for the metal treatment and electronic markets is on the upswing. We fully support customers who are searching for new, high-performance chemicals for these applications.
Our broad category of metal treatment chemicals:
Chemicals for Continuous Galvanizing Lines: Metal Cleaners, Acid Inhibitors, Fluxing Chemicals, Passivating Chemicals
Metal Pretreatment Chemicals: Degreasing Chemicals, Derusting & Descaling Chemicals, Activating Chemicals, Phosphating Chemicals, Passivating Chemicals, Chromating Chemicals, Wire & Tube Drawing Chemicals, Miscellaneous  Chemicals, Acid Inhibitors
Heat Treatment Salts: Carburising & Nitriding Salts, Neutral & Quenching Salts, Tempering & Colouring  Salts, Miscellaneous Salts & Chemicals
Electroplating Chemicals: Metal Cleaners, Cyanide Plating Salts, Non-Cyanide Plating Salts, Passivating Chemicals

Specific process chemicals

  • Pre-Treatment - Cleaners, Pickling Agents, Pickling Additives
  • General Plating - Brass, Cadmium, Chrome, Copper, Electroless Nickel, Nickel, Plating on Aluminium,  Plating on Plastic, Tin & Tin Alloys, Zinc & Zinc Alloys
  • Conversion Coating - Blackening, Chromatization, Phospating, Post Treatment
  • Electronics -  Ammoniacal Etchant, Electroless Nickel or Immersion Gold, Multi PCB, Pattern Plating, Thru-Hole Plating, Tin Strippers, Lead Strippers
  • Lacquers - Clear Lyte, GrowClear HBC, GrowClear LB 25, Supersheen U 200
  • Precious Metal - Gold, Gold Stripper or Recovery, Nickel Free Technology, Silver
  • Strippers - Electroless Nickel Stripper, Nickel Stripper, Tin Lead Stripper
  • Speciality Chemicals
  • Basic Chemicals



Product Range
- Anti Rust Compounds
- Anti-spatter Paste
- Cleaners
- Coolants
- Corrosion Inhibitors
- Cutting Oil Emulsifier
- Defoaming Agents
- Degreasing Compounds
- Demulsifying Agents
- Deodorants
- Derusting Compounds
- Descaling Compounds
- Disinfectants
- Dispersing Agents
- Dye Penetrate Testing Chemicals
- Emulsifiers
- Heat Transfer Agents
- Hydraulic Fluids
- Hydrazine and hydrazine derivatives
- Levelling Agents
- Lubricating Oils
- Metal Brighteners
- Phosphating Chemical
- Rust Converter
- Sensitizing Agents
- Stainless Steel Pickling Passivation
- Surgical Instruments Sterilizer
- Transferring
- Wetting Agents
Lubricants and Fuel Additives
- Alkanolamides
- Alkanolamines
- Alkoxylate Copolymers
- Alkyl Ethoxylates/Propoxylates
- Alkyl Phenol Ethoxylates
- Alkyl Polysaccharides
- Alkyl Sulfates
- Alcohol Ethoxylates
- Alpha Olefin Sulphonate
- Amine Ethoxylates
- Amphoacetates
- Calcium Hexaboride                     - Ether Carboxylates
- Fatty Acid Ethoxylates
- Fatty Alcohols
- Hydrotropes
- Linear Alkylbenzenes
- Polyalkylene glycols
- PEG Esters
- Phosphate Esters
- Fatty Acid Esters
- Sulphosuccinates
- Quats