Chemical Solutions for
Petroleum & Oil Drilling/Refineries

We, at Alchemy Substances, specialize in supply of chemicals for the oilfield and petroleum industries.
The oilfield industry is one of the most challenging requiring high quality products delivered to meet demanding timescales and logistical requirements. The ever-increasing environmental demands of the offshore industry require suppliers to understand and comply with legislation and environmental systems for many specific geographical areas.
Our products meet strict technical, economic and environmental criteria applicable in the field. Growing cost pressures has also meant a need for proactive suppliers who can offer excellent quality products and services at optimum value.
We have an ever-expanding line of drilling and process chemicals which find usage in Refinery, Petrochemical, Oil Field Services and Natural Gas Pipeline Industries. Our supplies cover Drilling Fluid Chemicals for Oil & Gas Wells, Mud Chemicals, Production Chemicals, Workover and Completion Fluids, Well Stimulation Chemicals, Water Injection Chemicals, Effluent Treatment Chemicals and General Utility Chemicals.
In a short span we have created a niche for ourselves among the drilling fluid companies as a reliable source for mud chemicals which they require for their mud fluid system for oil and gas explorations. We strive with the commitment of providing world-class quality of drilling fluids for petroleum and oil sector and ensure complete customer satisfaction.
Our broad product range includes the following 
  • Demulsifiers - For the removal of water and salt, from crudes in oilfields and refineries.
  • Corrosion Inhibitors - Against CO2, H2S, acid and oxygen corrosion in oilfields, gasfields, refineries and water treatment plants.
  • Paraffin Inhibitors - Polymer-based products for both flow improvement and paraffin deposition prevention.
  • Paraffin Dispersants - Surface-active agents for paraffin deposition prevention.
  • Paraffin Removers - To remove paraffin deposits.
  • Bactericides/Biocides - Against both aerobic and anaerobic bacteria.
  • Scale Inhibitors - To keep installations free from scale deposits. MSF and RO desalination plants.
  • Oxygen Scavengers - For injection waters and hydrostatic pressure testing. Industrial boilers.
  • De-oilers/Reverse Demulsifiers/Flocculants - To give low residual oil content in effluent waters.
  • H2S Scavengers - To remove H2S from well fluids and gases
  • Agents for Gas - Condensate/glycol systems Condensate Dehazers, pH regulators, Hydrate inhibitors.
  • Anti-foaming Agents - For oil/gas separation and injection water de-aeration, MSF and RO desalination plants
  • Cleaners - For surfaces, Industries, tanks, rigs, wellheads etc.
Product Range
Shale Stabilizers
- Sulfonated Asphalt
- Potassium Salt of Asphalt
- Sodium Salt of Asphalt
- Oxidised Asphalt
- Synthetic Gilsonite
Dispersants / Deflocculants
- Chrome Lignite
- Chrome Lignite
- Causticised Lignite
- Causticized Potassium Lignite
- Potassium Lignite
- Potassium Lignite
- Lignite Powder
- Amine treated lignite / Organophilic Lignite
- Chrome Free Lignosulfonate
- Ferro Chrome Lignosulfonate
- Chrome Lignosulfonate
Drilling Mud Lubricants
- Extreme Pressure Lubricant (Water Based)
- Extreme Pressure Lubricant (Esther Based)
- Extreme Pressure Lubricant (Sodium Silicate Mud)
- Extreme Pressure Lubricant (Oil Based)
Spotting Fluids
- Spotting Fluid (Non weighted)
- Spotting Fluid (Weighted)
- Alsphaltic Based Spotting Fluid
Drilling Mud Surfactants
- Anionic Surfactant
- Cationic Surfactant
Drilling Mud Defoamers
- Alchohol Based Defoamer
- Stearate Based Defoamer
- Butyl Phosphate Based Defoamer
- Silicate Based Defoamer
Drilling Detergents
- Drilling Detergent
- Rig Wash
Weight Materials
- Bentonite API
- Barite
- Calcium Carbonate (Lime Stone Powder) F/M/C
- Hematite Powder
Fluid Control Additives
- Carboxy Methyl Cellulose (CMC LV)
- Poly Anionic Cellulose (PAC LV)
- Resinated Lignite
- Guar Gum (modified)
- Modified Starch /Pregelatinized Starch
Drilling Polymers
- Partially Hydrolysed Poly Acrylamide (PHPA)
- Xanthum Gum
- Bentonite Extender
- Cloud Point Glycol
- Hydro Ethyl Cellulose (HEC)
- Synergistic Polymer
- Sodium Polyacrylate
- Bentonite Extender (API)
- Carboxy Methyl Cellulose (CMC-HV)
- Poly Anionic – Cellulose (PAC-R)
- Poly Anionic – Cellulose
- Xanthum Gum (XCD Polymer)
- Attapulgite Clay (Salt Water Clay )
Pour Point Reducer
- Pour Point Depressant
- Flow Improver
- Primary Emulsifier
- Secondary Emulsifier
Corrosion Inhibitors
- Corrosion Inhibitor
- Oxygen Scavenger
- Biocide (Amine/Quaternary Ammonium Based)
- Biocide (Aldehyde Based)
- Zinc Carbonate - Hydrogen Sulphide Scavenger
Lost Circulation Material
- Mica F/M/C
- Walnut Shell (Nut Plug) F/M/C
- Cellulosic Fibrous LCM
- Cellophane Flakes
- Saw Dust
- Rice Husk
- Cotton Seed Hulls
Commercial Chemicals
- Aluminium Stearate
- Calcium Chloride
- Caustic Potash
- Caustic Soda Magnesium Oxide
- Citric Acid
- Hydrochloric Acid
- Lime
- Marble Chips
- Nacl Salt
- Potassiumsulphate
- Soda Ash
- Soda Bicarbonate
- Sodium Formate
- Sodium Nitrate
- Sodium Silicate
- Sodium Sulphate