Chemical Solutions for
Pre-Press & Printing Press

We, at Alchemy Substances offer top quality products for commercial printing industry.

We have created a niche in the printing industry with our wide range of printing chemicals and fountain solutions. Our printing chemicals are used by leading publishers of magazines, catalogs and newspapers across the country.
With extensive research and development, we are able to offer a comprehensive and innovative range of high quality pressroom chemical products which meet the daily needs of printers enabling them to produce higher quality print with fewer problems. With innovative products and basic knowledge of the printing process we offer products which contribute measurable to the improvement to the production procedure.
The product range includes:
Plate Cleaners & Gums: A comprehensive range of Plate Cleaners, Plate Treatments & Gums. Will suit all applications and requirements.
Fountain Solutions: A high performance range of founts for all types of presses and dampening systems developed to give optimum results under all conditions.
Blanket & Roller Washes: An extensive range of specially blended solvents designed not only to give exceptional cleaning performance but also to improve the working properties of blankets and rollers.
Anti-Set Off Spray Powder:  Blends of non-genetically modified natural starches with drying agents, flowing agents and antistatic agents added.
Speciality Products: A complete range of speciality and trouble shooting products, providing an effective solution to most print problems.
Product Range
Commercial Printing Chemicals
- Iso Propyl Alcohol (IPA)
- Plate Cleaners
- Fount Concentrate
- Ink Removers
- Film Cleaners
- Roller Cleaners
- Blanket Cleaners
- Plate Finisher
- Plate Scum Removers
- Glass Cleaners
Fountain Solution Additives
- Sheet Fed Offset
- Coldset / Newspaper Presses
- Heatset / Web Offset Presses
- Small Offset Presses
- Specialities
- Silicone-Emulsions
Washes & Cleaners
- Washes
- Cleaners and Rejuvenators
Prepress / Plate Room Cleaners
- CTP Thermal Plate Developers
- CTP Photopolymer Plate Developers
- Positive Plate Developers, analogue
- Negative Plate Developers, analogue
- Plate Gum
- Correction Pens and Fluids
- Prepress Products and Film Chemicals
Speciality Products
- Anti Set-Off Spray Powder