Chemical Solutions for
Rubber & Plastic Industries

We, at Alchemy Substances provide all kinds of chemicals & auxiliaries required for rubber & plastic industries.
Our chemicals are used in the production of rubber tyres and other rubber articles used in automobiles, aircrafts, belts, hoses and footwear. We cater to extensively to the tyre, industrial rubber products & consumer rubber products manufacturers. The products and services we provide are vital for the quality and performance of our customer's products.
We continuously work with our customers to improve the quality, performance and reduce the cost of their products. We are dedicated to constantly improving our product range and identify potential markets for innovative products and also introduce new, alternative products in a changing market scene.
We provide a comprehensive and integrated system of marketing of rubber chemicals and focus on research and brand building in addition to supply and distribution. We are committed to take care the interests of our principals and customers.
Our products are used in
- Footwear Products
- Tread Rubber
- Rubber Band
- Rubber Foam Products
- Latex Thread
- Textile Fabrics
- Hoses, Belts and Auto Rubber Parts
- PVC Pipes
- PVC Mats
- Printing Ink
- Surface Paints
- Automotive Paints
The term “plastics” includes materials composed of various elements such as carbon, hydrogen, oxygen, nitrogen, chlorine, and sulphur.  Plastics typically have high molecular weight, meaning each molecule can have thousands of atoms bound together.
When plastics emerge from reactors, they may have the desired properties for a commercial product or not.   The inclusion of additives may impart to plastics specific properties. Some polymers incorporate additive during manufacture.  Other polymers include additives during processing into their finished parts. Additives are incorporated into polymers to alter and improve basic mechanical, physical or chemical properties. Additives are also used to protect the polymer from the degrading effects of light, heat, or bacteria; to change such polymer processing properties such as melt flow; to provide product colour; and to provide special characteristics such as improved surface appearance, reduced friction, and flame retardancy.
Alchemy understands the need for additives at various stages of plastic manufacturing and processing and have included them as part of its offering as below.
  • Antioxidants: for plastic processing and outside application where weathering resistance is needed
  • Colorants: for coloured plastic parts
  • Foaming agents: for expanded polystyrene cups and building board and for polyurethane carpet underlayment
  • Plasticizers: used in wire insulation, flooring, gutters, and some films
  • Lubricants: used for making fibres
  • Anti-stats: to reduce dust collection by static electricity attraction
  • Antimicrobials: used for shower curtains and wall coverings
  • Flame retardants: to improve the safety of wire and cable coverings and cultured marble
Product Range
- Accelators
- Antidegradants
- Antireversion Agents
- Post Vulcanisation Stabilizers
- Pre Vulcanisation Inhibitors
- Reinforcing Agents
- Vulcanising Agents
- Thiazoles
- Sulphenamides
- Thiuram
- Dithiocarbamates
- Guanidines
- Aniline-Aldehyde Condensates
- Antioxidant (Quinoline type)
- Antioxidant
- Antiozonants 
Curing Agents 
- Sulphur Powder 
- Insoluble Sulphur
- Dispersal F
- Stearic Acid
- Zinc Oxide 
- Lauric Acid 
- Stabilisers
- Carbon Black 
- Precipitated Silica
- Calcium Carbonate
- China Clay & Minerals
Dyes & Pigments 
- Titanium Dioxide 
- Colour Pigments
- Emulsions
- Pidifine Pastes
Processing Aids
- Finowaxes
- Paraffin waxes
- Impact Modifier
- Process Oil
- Wood Rosin
- Epoxy Oil
Special Additives
- Blowing Agents 
- Mould Releasing Agents 
- Factices