Chemical Solutions for
Construction & Ceramic Industries

We, at Alchemy Substances offer
a comprehensive range of solutions catering to construction industry, cement & concrete processes, ceramic manufacturing and other chemicals used in granite, marble tiles industry. 
We do in depth studies and garner knowledge that helps address issues specific to client’s problems. Our products are a direct result of understanding customer's needs and sourcing the best products that have performed and stayed true for its quality even in the most stringent conditions. The products are user-friendly and cost effective.
Today we have carved a niche for ourselves with a strong belief of delivering trusted quality products to our esteemed customers.
The core portfolio comprises of masonry work chemicals, concrete admixtures, sealants & protective coatings to provide best solutions for construction industry.
Construction Chemicals
Chemicals have wide applications for repair, protection and waterproofing of concrete and other structures, such as crack repair systems, coatings, water-activated sealers, adhesives, anchoring systems, structural enhancement systems, soil stabilization and related specialty materials and equipment.
Cement modifier is composed of modified pmma emulsion for use with cement mortars to improve the impact, tensile, flexural, compressive, adhesive strength and waterproofness of cement mortars.
Elastic cement proofing membrane is a liquid polymer, possesses excellent elasticity, waterproofness, tensile strength and corrosion resistance. It is often used for roof decks, bathrooms, foundation walls, terraces, swimming pools, exterior walls, parking garages and steel structures.
Waterproof coating is an inorganic cement based, single component heavy-duty coating often used for interior and exterior walls of buildings and basements, tunnels, rooftops, bathrooms, swimming pools and reservoirs.
Water repellents prevent dampness and moisture for cement and tiles.
Ceramic tile adhesive is a water base polymer emulsion, used in bonding ceramic tiles to most building materials such as grc, concrete, steel, wood, gypsum board and specially on partition walls.
Waterproofing membrane come with excellent weatherability, impermeable to water, economical used for roof decks, wall foundations, tunnels, foundation pile and geo-synthetic liner for lakes, channels and irrigation system.
Concrete & Cement Additives
Strong and durable infrastructure is the strong foundation for any organization. The use of various chemical additive in concrete and cement is effective for the long life of the building. In almost all the areas of building and construction the application of cement is done. The consumer of present generation need the products that makes their building stronger, and beautiful and these concrete additive is added as a protective cover as per the demand. For residential building as well as the non-residential building, highway, street construction, dams and for agricultural construction the market of concrete additives is increasing.
Gypsum is densely used as an additive for the concrete. In addition to these minerals like fly ash and blast furnace slag is effective for the addition. These cement additive and concrete additive is applied in all field of construction because of its uncompromising reliability, easy availability. Besides these additives are cost-effective and can be easily applied.
Ceramic Manufacturing
Ceramic manufacturing industries need wide range chemicals for glazing, staining, colouring applications.
- Tin oxide has been wide applications ranging glazing, polishing, and colouring. It is the most effective opacifier among chemicals.
- Phosphoric acid is widely used in ceramic and glass for ceramic colours chemically bonded firebrick for steel furnaces.
- Metastannic acid is combined with other oxides to make the colour of maroon and also has the opacifying function. It is used in ceramic colorants, glazes, pigments and stains.
- Manganese oxide, copper oxide, antimony oxide, bismuth oxide chemicals are widely used in combination with lead compounds to derive a yellow colorant and an opacifying agent.
- Sodium triphosphate is often used in ceramics as mineral dispersant agent.
Product Range
Construction Chemicals
- Masonry Water Repellents
- Waterproofers & Water Sealers
- Concrete Admixtures (Plasticizers)
- Concrete Accelerator
- Construction Aids
- Protective Coatings/ Impregnations
- Grouts & Grouting compounds
- Industrial Floorings
- Floor Hardeners and Topping Compounds
- Floor Patching Compounds
- Dust Proof Floor Coating
- Rust Converter
- Anti-Corrosive Epoxy Paint
- Curing Compound
- Epoxy Floor Coating
- Shortcrete products
- Repair Compounds
- Capsules for anchoring/ bolting
- Tile & Structural Adhesive
- Sealants
- Waterproof coatings & membrane
- Insulation
- Anticorrosive Products
Cement & Concrete Additives
- Sodium Sulphate
- Sodium Silico Fluoride
- Potassium Hexafluorosilicate
- Copper Carbonate
- Sodium Hydroxide
- Caustic PotashMagnesium Carbonate
- Hydrofluoric Acid
- Sodium Hydroxide Prills
- Lead Oxide
- Ammonium Bromide
Ceramics Manufacturing
- Sodium Fluoride
- Sodium Silico Fluoride
- Potassium Citrate
- Ammonium Bromide
- Potassium Iodide
- Silicate
- Silicon Dioxide Sodium Chlorite
- Quick Lime
- Sodium Meta Silicate
- Sodium Bicarbonate Oxide
- Potassium Titanium Fluoride
- Sodium Acid Fluoride
- Sodium Fluoborate