Mission & Philosophy

Through sheer dedication in the field of chemical marketing & distribution and by assimilating knowledge of innovative products and market dynamism, Alchemy Substances has evolved as one of the leading suppliers of organic and inorganic chemicals catering to a number of domestic and international clients. Our delivery of best quality products, prices and practices, has won us the admiration of our customers and suppliers alike.
Mission Statement        ______________
  • To become a top class chemicals marketing & distribution company serving on a global scale.
  • To become a single-stop solution provider with top-of the-line innovative and unique products.
  • To become an ethical, transparent, reliable, responsible and responsive business house.
Our corporate mission is governed by our unnerving commitment to provide innovative and quality products and dedication to achieving total customer satisfaction. By adapting advanced technologies, refining processes & exploring wider applications, we aim to secure our position in the present and believe in creating opportunities for future.
Corporate Philosophy         ______________
Our corporate culture reflects our understanding that successful business relationships are built on long term mutual gain, not short-term expediency. We believe that this long term mutual gain can be achieved by forming strategic partnerships with suppliers and clients. A true partnership for us means working eye to eye, fairly and constructively, with respect, dedication and efficiency for joint successes.
Extending the corporate philosophy of "Growth through Partnership" of the parent company, Alchemy's philosophy is founded on "sharing" of knowledge & information, risks & responsibilities, ethical practices & policies, dedication to innovation & quality and offering most competitive pricing.
We continue to extend our range of products in line with the market, constantly optimising and improving both our sourcing and supplies.
Alchemy has emerged as a multi-product, well networked chemical marketing company. Today it stands tall in the extremely competitive chemical industry with its focus on quality products and competitive pricing.