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Offering the best Super Absorbent Polymers (SAP) from Japan; 
specifically designed for Ice Gel Packs 
used for transportation of medicines & enzymes, fruits, fish, vegetables, meat 
and other such perishable items requiring cold storage.
Most suited for plastic pouches, plastic bottles, boxes and other cold chain equipment.

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POTASSIUM-based water absorbent polymers, exclusively for AGRICULTURE APPLICATION
Soil Mixes - Interior / Exterior   |  
Water-retaining Additive for potting soils 
Retention of Agrochemicals & Fertilizers   |   
Hydroseeding & Bare Root Dipping
Planting Soil Additives - Arboriculure & Forestry   |   
Plantation  |  
Gardening & Landscaping
Golf Course & Lawn Conservation   |   
Turf - Seeding / Sod   |   

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