Products & Solutions

| Super Absorbent Polymers

We offer the widest range of super absorbent polymers for various applications. Our products offer excellent absorption of various liquids such as water, saline, brine, blood, and sea water. Our SAP range includes applications such as industrial, packaging, hygiene, agriculture, cosmetics, etc.

| Polyelectrolytes

Our extensive product range of flocculants, coagulants, polydadmac and dry strength resins enhances the performance of diverse industrial applications and essential processes right from water purification, oil recovery, colour removal, paper making, sugar & distillery process, mineral processing and a host of other uses.

We provide a complete range of surfactants for many industrial application such as fermentation, paper & pulp, agrochemicals, paints & coatings industry, textiles, agrochemicals & detergents, petrochemicals, industrial cleaning, effluent & waste-water treatment, etc.

Our product range includes industrial & commercial raw & waste water treatment, cooling towers, boilers, Reverse Osmosis plants, water softners, etc. for various industries such as garments & textile processing, paper mills, sugar factories, rice mills, hospitality, power plants, food & beverages, dairies, pharma and chemical processing etc.