About Us

Alchemy Substances is a leading company in the field of marketing & distribution of various industrial chemicals for water treatment and manufacturing process areas. We enjoy a cutting edge in an industry that is becoming increasingly and intensely competitive.

Product Sourcing            ___________

We source products that are unique and come with a guarantee of quality and performance at most competitive rates. Our products are results of extensive research done in usage patterns and market requirements and through in-built R&D facilities with the manufacturers.
We are committed to bring the latest in the field and have dedicated ourselves to continuous improvement in quality and services.
As a part of our long term strategy of identifying newer businesses which possess unique technology and a potential to create a leadership position in the market it plays, we have made considerable investments in certain key manufacturers of water treatment chemicals.
Customer Focus                ___________
We believe very strongly in after sales service and customer retention. We are committed to providing quality products and services by doing extensive research in respective fields and with the right procurement that helps clients on cost savings and improving efficiency.
As a single point integrated solution provider for various industrial chemicals requirement, we at Alchemy give our customers immense scope to utilize our resources so that they can focus on their own areas of core competency, thereby increasing profitability.
Through our joint commitment with manufacturers in research & development activities, product innovation, technical support and logistics excellence we are be able to deliver significant benefits to our customers across a wide range of industrial, commercial, municipal, healthcare, governmental and other sectors.
All products are manufactured and applied in strict conformity to the prevailing statutes of environmental regulation.