ALCHEMY substances
offers a wide range of industrial & commercial chemicals 
for diverse manufacturing and processing applications 
with a special focus on water treatment across industries.
Alchemy is one of the leading chemical distribution company in India 
engaged in activities of importing, exporting, trading and wholesaling 
of chemicals manufactured by reputed organisations from across the world.
Alchemy caters to various international markets such as 
the Middle East, South Asia, South East Asia, East Africa, South & East Europe.


Latest Updates & Offers

Widest range of SUPER ABSORBENT POLYMERS & WATER ABSORBENT for varied applications such as Ice Gel Packs, Cables & Water Blocking Tapes, Agriculture & Plantation, Diapers & Sanitary Pads, Flood Control Bags, Construction, Cosmetics, Medical & Surgical Waste Solidification, etc.