Surfactants (Antifoams / Dispersants / Emulsifiers / Wetting Agents)
(Silicone, Oil-based, Water-based, EO/PO and Powder Form)

Marketed under FOAMCURE, FOAMNIL & FOAMICIDE brands, we provide a wide range of silicone and non-silicone based antifoaming and defoaming chemicals, wetting agents, dispersants and emulsifiers for a variety of industrial applications and for treatment of surface water.

The antifoam range is designed to provide optimum performance combined with good dilution stability and good foam knockdown performance. The products possess quick dispersing properties in system without forming of lumps and is stable over wide pH range and temperature.

|Specific Applications
   (Powdered Laundry Detergents)
   (Latex Gloves Manufacturing)
   (Sea Water Desalination Process)
   (Sea Water Desalination Process)
   (All Textile Processes)

|Waste Water Treatment
   (Non-Silicone Based)
   (Pharma Industry Waste Water Treatment)

|Multi Purpose
   (Silicone Defoamer)
   (Silicone Defoamer)
   (Extreme pH Applications)

|Agrochemicals & Pesticides
    (Wettable Powder Pesticides)

|Oil & Gas
   (Oil Well Drilling) 
   (Drilling Fluid & Acid Gas Treatment)
   (Petroleum & Coke Processing)
   (Amine Treatment / Gas Sweetening)

|Metal Working Fluids
   (High Pressure Spray Cleaning)
 Foamcure LS-85
   (Synthetic Cutting / Cooling Oil)


 Foamcure FN-9D

   (Potato Process, Yeast, MSG & Antibiotics)
   (Antibiotic, Statin & Enzymes Manufacturing)
   (Vegetable Processing & Other Fermentation)
   (Antibiotic, Statin & Enzymes Manufacturing)
   (Ethanol Processing)
   (Sugar Mills and Distilleries)
   (Sugar Mills and Potato Washing)
   (Versatile Antifoam for Fermentation )

|Paper & Pulp
   (Newsprint, Sack-Kraft, Boxboard, Magazines)
   (De-aerator & Waste Water in Paper Mills)
   (Non-Silicone Emulsion for Paper Making)
   (Soft Tissues, Graphic & Laminating)
 Foamcure PSP-1930
   (Brown Stock Washing / Pulp Mill)

|Building Materials & Construction

   (Cement Admixtures & Various Compositions)
 Foamcure RN-21

   (Cement Slurries with Asbestos /Fly Ash)

 Foamcure RN-65

   (Non-Silicone De-aerator for Highly Alkaline

    Systems of AC Roofing Sheets)
 Foamcure RN-ASP

   (Deaerator in Highly Alkaline Media used in     

    fibre/pulp-blended cement slurries)

|Paints, Inks, Coatings & Adhesives

 Foamcure AN-65P
   (De-aerator for Dry-mix Adhesives)
 Foamcure CN-834
   (Multiple Coating Systems)
 Foamcure CN-7010
   (APEO-Free Suited For Synthetic Latex Coatings)
 Foamcure CS-150
   (NDW Replacement Antifoam for Let-Down
   and Grinding Stages)
 Foamcure CS-221
   (Fountain Solution Filling Process)

|Coatings Additives - Dispersants

 Disurf CN-6225D

   (Pigment Dispersant Architectural Coatings)
 Disurf CN-650D
   (Water/Solvent Based Architectural Coatings)
 Disurf CN-651D
   (Flexo, Gravure & Inkjet Inks)
 Disurf CN-655D
   (Wood & Synthetic Coatings)
   (Wood, Industrial & Automotive)
   (Industrial & Leather Coatings)
 Disurf CN-750D
    (Wood, Industrial & Automotive Coatings)

|Coating Additives - Wetting Agents